Yoodo Gank Become The Winner PMPL SEA

Game Review / 8 May, 2020

Yoodo Gank Become The Winner PMPL SEA

The biggest and first event event in Southeast Asia, PUBG Mobile Pro League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) Season 1 has demonstrated Yoodo Gank, the Malaysian eSport team, to turn out to be the champion and win the grand prize of 30,000 US financial or approximately equivalent IDR 451 million.

While in second place, was occupied by a team from Indonesia, Bigetron RA, which was entitled to a prize money of 20,000 US bucks and ranked third, was occupied by the King Players Club from Thailand who bought as much as 15,000 US dollars.

In the event with the theme “Be The One”, in addition to effectually triumphing the main prize PMPL SEA Season 1, Yoodo Gank also controlled to get other prizes, among others, money of 2,500 US Monetary, which was got after his team succeeded in getting the Winner Winner Rooster Dinner (WWCD) 5 times, US $ 3,000 for being selected as the most popular team at the event, and one other US $ 5,000 in prize money, after one of its Avid gamers, Draxx, controlled to get the most kills.

So, when delivered up in total, the Yoodo Gank team has the right to bring a total prize fund of US $ 40,500 or equivalent to Rp. 610 million.

In addition to Yoodo Gank, the team that controlled to get the name as the most popular team was the RRQ Athens team, Bigetron RA, and Box Gaming, and they were entitled to bring home prize money of 3,000 US greenbacks each.

The Grand Final Suit, which lasted for 3 days from 1 to 3 May 2020, competed 15 rounds and was very fierce, because each team was very ambitious to be able to struggle 2 tickets to qualify for the MOBILE World League 2020 East PUBG round.

If the name and one pass price ticket can be desperate in the Thirteenth round by Yoodo Gank, it is alternative with one more Price tag, which still has to be contested by 2 teams from Thailand specifically RRQ Athens and King of Players Club.

RRQ Athens, the former world champion and also Southeast Asian champion who except the last suit was still ranked second, failed to win a price tag to the PUBG MOBILE World League 2020 East, because in the last healthy in the 15th round, the RRQ Athena team had to go back to the foyer early , which resulted in its ranking car parking zone slumped to fifth in the standings, and gave up the PUBG MOBILE World League 2020 East price ticket to change arms to the King of Avid gamers Club, the team in the final standings controlled to sit in third place.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s mainstay team, Bigetron RA who is ranked second, has most likely passed to World League East through the PMPL Season 1 sequence in Indonesia.