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Marwick Investments Limited has shared three signals that could reveal a scammer in the Forex market.

If a trader does not have enough knowledge and experience - it is easy to get a scam. Marwick Investments Limited scam check tips explains how to check the honesty of the brokerh. The broker has been working for five years, has earned many grateful reviews from customers and several international awards for successful market activity.

Experts www.marwickinvestments.com: scam and fraud can be identified on three main grounds

In order not to fall victim to a scam, you should not enter into an agreement with financial institutions without first considering your decision. Decent brokers focus on the law, verify clients, and provide a detailed description of the privacy policy. If information about the company is not publicly available, the client has many unanswered questions, and all communication is reduced to calls to replenish the account - this is a clear sign of fraud.

Here are three scams Marwick Investments Limited is warning about. The scammer, according to experts, will not spend money on creating a good, high-quality, functional site.

Symptom №1. Not enough information about the company

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a broker is complete information about the company, which can be found in the public domain. If you have read the company's website and you still have questions - it is important to think about whether you are a scammer.

Scammers often skillfully disguise their site as a reliable company.

After visiting the site, you should have a complete picture of the company and the services it provides. It is very important that the site has detailed information about the history of the company. A good mediator will always indicate all the contact information and the place of his registration:

For example, Marwick Investments Limited (scam?) , on the market in 2016.

Sign №2. There are no European guarantees

Legal entities are liable under the laws of the country in which they are registered. Sites of dubious companies are often registered in Latin America, or somewhere on the islands. The client must understand that in case of failure, European legislation will be powerless. Justice will have to be sought under island laws that are far from European.

When choosing a broker, choose a broker with European registration immediately to avoid trouble in the future. In Europe, a broker undertakes to uphold anti-money laundering and financial crime laws when registering. For example, AML standards are in the documentation of our expert:

If the broker you plan with does not provide the necessary information, refrain from working with such a company. By law, the consumer must receive complete information about the services he purchases. So a broker who has access to global trading platforms should not shy away from providing such information - and will certainly provide all the necessary information on the site.

Sign №3. Promise of quick profit

Promises of quick and obligatory profit are not only dishonest advertising, but also a signal that you have a dishonest company. Scammers promise fast and instant results. The basic conditions of earnings with the broker are attached in the descriptions of his tariff plans, and all the details can be obtained from the manager after registration.

How to understand whether you can trust a broker? Marwick Investments Limited (scam?)  offers three account plans that will allow you to access trading in currency pairs, stocks and other assets:

The site describes in detail the minimum deposits, spreads, leverage. The company's documents explain ways to replenish the account, withdraw money. On the site you will find a detailed description of all terms of cooperation.

Marwick Investments Limited scam check tips on the main sign of the company's honesty

If the company persuades the client to immediately replenish the account, or wants to sell the client a program of 100% earnings, then most likely you have encountered fraud. Any attempt to get your money before the start of the trade is a sign that you have encountered a scam. After all, a broker is only an intermediary in trading.

The main feature of an honest company is providing all the information about yourself and verifying the identities of the company's customers. For example, Marwick Investments Limited (scam?) will help you choose portfolio, provide access to the terminal. The conclusion of the agreement between the broker and the trader is gradual: the trader begins to trade when the previous steps are completed.

Choose only reliable intermediaries - do not be fooled!


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